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Lewis Capaldi extends mental health break following Glastonbury set

“You probably won’t see me until the end of the year”

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Lewis Capaldi has confirmed that he will be taking a break from his music career to focus on his mental health. The announcement came during his performance at the Glastonbury Festival, where he addressed the audience about his recent struggles.

Capaldi, who had been experiencing vocal difficulties during the festival, expressed his gratitude to the crowd for their support and understanding. He mentioned that he had taken a three-week break before the festival to prioritize his mental well-being. Despite his initial fears, he felt welcomed and at ease by the audience.

After his Glastonbury set, Capaldi informed the audience that he would be taking an extended break in the coming weeks, possibly even for the rest of the year. He expressed his hope that when he returns, they will be there to support him.

During his performance, Capaldi faced challenges with his voice, acknowledging the strain it was under. Nevertheless, he powered through the set with the assistance of the audience.

Capaldi’s Glastonbury set included popular songs like ‘Before You Go,’ ‘Wish You The Best,’ ‘Hold Me While You Wait,’ and ‘Someone You Loved.’ He also incorporated a snippet of ABBA’s ‘Dancing Queen’ and engaged the audience in a singalong.

Earlier this month, Capaldi had cancelled his shows leading up to Glastonbury, citing the toll that the past months had taken on him both mentally and physically. He expressed the need to take time off to reconnect with his loved ones and engage in normal activities to improve his well-being.

The Glastonbury Festival also featured other notable performances, such as Guns N’ Roses and Lana Del Rey. However, Del Rey’s set was cut short due to starting late and breaking curfew, leading to an impromptu acapella rendition of her track ‘Video Games’ by her fans.

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